JM Editing
Janet Michelson

 My goal is to help you present your writing in its most polished form. I will edit for pacing, spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and plot holes. I edit fiction, non-fiction, New Adult, and I have expertise in medical topics. 

  • I am interested in helping independent, self-publishing writers who feel they cannot afford editing.  

  •      I am charging a minimum of .003 per word for proofreading and .005 for copyediting.  Writing that requires heavy editing may be quoted at a higher rate. Final price will be quoted after the sample edit. 

  To sample my work at no charge, please send at least 1000 words and I will return your document with my comments and  recommendations. I use the Track Changes editing program on Word.  

 My experience includes freelance editing of books, novellas, and short stories, the editing of hundreds of papers for
 classmates in grad school, as well as the writing and editing of a master's of science thesis. I also worked as editor of a
 small monthly newsletter for several years. 

Resources used: Chicago Manual of Style, Sixteenth Edition and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition.

How to submit:
Please send  a Word document.  Email address:

Rates and payment:
 I am charging a minimum of .003 per word for proofreading and .005 per word for copyediting. 
Advance payment is 50%, with the remaining 50% paid at time of completion. 
 Payment by PayPal

Complete copyediting/line editing 
for your document or manuscript